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Victor sykes - Founder


The year was 1992.  I was 17 years of age I watched my father die of colon cancer.  He was only 36 years old. 

Upon his death, family and well-intended friends repeatedly expressed concern that the cancer was hereditary & that I needed to be sure to get regular preventative checkups as I got older.

I appreciated their concern & advice but didn't think cancer "ran" in our family.

As far as I knew, no one on either side of our family had ever had cancer.  

In my mind, it was apparent that he developed cancer because of his lifestyle.  He drank at least a 6 pack of beer per day every day that I could remember.  He smoked daily, rarely ate fruits or vegetables, and often only ate one fatty meal per day.  Additionally, he had poor stress management skills and almost never exercised.  

In 1992 the world was a lot different.  People weren't as health conscience & most had no clue how their lifestyle affected their health.  

At that time, most people accepted disease as fate, genetics, or just plain bad luck.

As for me, I thought that there was more to it than that with my dad.

I thought that his developing cancer may have had more to do with his lifestyle than his genetics.

So I began to research what actually caused disease.

I came across several documents that had proven that developing disease can be and oftentimes is in direct correlation to lifestyle. 

At 17 years of age, this powerful information gave me purpose.

I felt obligated to help prevent families from suffering as mine did.

A specific piece of information guided me directly into the health & fitness industry.

That information was that the disease does not survive well in a lean alkaline environment.

This essentially means that if people ate better and added more lean body mass, they'd dramatically decrease the chances of developing disease as opposed to living as my father did.

So that's where my mission began.  I wanted to learn as much as I could about living a healthy lifestyle and wanted to share that information with anyone who'd listen.

This ultimately led me to establish Slim Body Bootcamp where I could train, advise, and encourage multiple people at once on how to build muscle, lose fat, & maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

They say if you do what you love then you'll never work again,  

Well, I have been truly blessed by discovering that I love sharing my knowledge with folks & mentoring them along their journey so they can receive all the benefits that living a healthy lifestyle has to offer!!


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